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- 100 copies on Milky Clear Vinyl w/ Oxblood Center Blob
- 200 copies on Black Vinyl

All copies are hand-numbered and include an 11x17 poster, 1" button pack, and digital download coupon

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released September 16, 2014

All songs written and recorded by DIVORCE.
Original concepts on Track 5 by Kyle Wacker
Words by Josh Escoto
Produced by Matt Very & DIVORCE.
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings
Artwork by Angela Deane
Layout, Design & Imprint by Trevor Read

Thanks to Friends & Family, Matt Very, Josh Clark, Nate Adkins, Kyle Wacker, Angela Deane, Anna Pan, Sharon McGregor, Hanah Escoto, Howard McGregor, B. Quinn, Brian Howe, Jasmine Collins, Dylan Chieffalo, Skull Kid, Becca Harmon, J. Cook, S. Calderone, J. O'Toole, J. & E. Hetrrich, P. & L. Musser, A. Clark, M. Stewart, Dave & Melody Read, Maus

A Nevada House production
A Head2Wall Records release (H2W-24)



all rights reserved


DIVORCE. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

DIVORCE. was a band.

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Track Name: Total Bummer
Lying naked on the floor
Now you've done it again
I thought you had so much to say?
Now you're screaming at the ceiling
It's just not fun anymore

This isn't violent. No, it's not even new
Just spun and dumb
In the well that I've been filling
I didn't ask you to count
All the days I've been complaining
‘Cause I know it won't bring back any feeling
I'm not done, I'm just thinking

You've got to feel something more than just okay
But you won't even try
You're "just fine"
So the story goes
Throw it away

Harsh tastes kicking down
The backs of your teeth
No, there’s no more reasons
That I shouldn't be here
Is there even anybody left
That I can disappoint?
Candace, I'm so sick of complaining

And when I woke up at your house
Amongst all the death on the walls
I never had the chance to tell you
That I realized that I never had the chance to tell you
That I realized that I didn't wanna die anymore
And I should thank you for that
I probably should've thanked you for that
Track Name: Besser
These walls used to talk in such a brilliant way
I remember
Now the bleach has soaked down to the beams
And they barely say hello or goodbye

I'm not asking for anything
I just hold tight
I'm not asking for anything at all

I don't need your help
I just need a place to be
So come on, be my destination
And I’ll be your escape

From the mess that we've been making of each other
And the unlawful ways
That I've been drinking alone for days
I swear I need you more than I am showing

So come and dance with me
I’m confused, but I'm alive

All I'm trying to say is that
I'm sick of being a mess
Track Name: Midwest Anderson
In a year, I’ll be back
You'll be dancing around
On the steps of your house
That you found
A brand new plan to let things go
And there I'll be, faking the whole damn thing
Like I've got a lot of purpose
But man, I think I'm just bored
I'm losing my thoughts
I just thought that I would tell you

That if I had to waste all my time
I'd waste it all on you
And fall back asleep

Come around
Let me in every once in a while
Now I see you pleading your "case"
Well "I rest," whatever that means
All I wanted was some coffee
I always try too hard
But now I want to make things happen
So tell me why can't we happen?

Then you rolled your body away
Like a low tide
I fell back asleep

I can't say goodbye
And I haven't even left you yet
Track Name: New Haven
The worth of your words is fading fast
You could've kept it short for me
But instead a long, long wind
Is blowing three whole states away
And this distance always stays
This feels familiar
This feels like certain death
This feels like home

Cold along the highway
I could've blamed all of your silence on the weather
There I was thinking I had found something
More concrete than I had hoped for
But now you're gone
And I'm still here
What gave you the right
To bring about my worst fears?

I felt alive, I felt at home
When I had no direction home

But I can't go back
‘Cause I am starting to see
That it was more you and never me

I never fell asleep before you did
And for some reason that told me
That you didn't need my company
As much as I needed yours
And I was right

Do you wanna hear that I'm still sleeping all alone?
Well I'm not
Do you wanna hear that I still miss you every night?
Well I don't
Track Name: Want to Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some TTNG?
I’m awake and hating every sound
This morning’s got away from me
I hear your records calling out against my walls
I guess I should get up
I think I should get up

Don't close the door. I’ll be ready
I’ll be waiting in the car
Just lock the door and come around

Do you wanna hang around awhile?
‘Cause I've got nowhere to be
I’ll just keep talking us around
Until you get up and leave

Three in the morning, and no one’s moving
This is not redundant
This is everything

I’ve said so much, and you're still listening
I hate wasting all your time
So I’ll be ready, I’ll be waiting
Track Name: Memorial Day
I'm not praying for rain, no
I'm not praying for much of anything as of late
It's just this whole mess of time
That's going out of its way to pass me by

I couldn't put myself to sleep
As the wind held its breath from my sheets
It all felt so stale
But more than anything, it just seemed pointless
It feels like

I want a good reason to feel bored
‘Cause I feel guilty, I feel cheap

All at once I miss all of you
But I can't figure out how to tell you
Without feeling desperate or alone
I miss all of you
I just needed you to know

Somewhere in the middle of all my reasoning
I shook like a forest of dead wood
Screaming out the back door
I exhale. My throat’s burning up
It’s so dark out here without the lights on

I would give up on myself
Before I gave up on anyone
Track Name: How To Bail Completely (In Case of Imminent Death)
Quote me when I recite to you
The places I thought I would be
After a yearlong writing excuses
On the backs of my hands
Next to the burns that you couldn't stand
Becca, I'm sorry. It’s a painful reminder

When you think you're alone, just take time
To know that everyone is staring out the window
Waiting for the warmth to come back
Just like you

Now I'm drawing a crowd
To come and watch me
Make a storm of all the clouds
With silver linings
All along the town
That has spent so much of all of us
But goddamn, I'm so tired of blaming this place

I am finding myself for the first time in years
And it's so damn beautiful